• How to place and order

    1. You can easily buy any package just by clicking on the Buy Now button mentioned below any package.
    2. Once you click on that button PayPal window shall appear and you can directly make the payment through PayPal.
    3. When you are making the payment, make sure that you mention your Instagram URL or username in the "Add Note" section. So that we can commence the package

  • Other Payment Options?

    Can I pay through a payment method other than PayPal? Absolutely YES. If you want to pay through any other method such as Bitcoin, Skrill, Western Union, Paytm, etc. You can surely do that just to:inyourgram@yahoo.com" >inyourgram@yahoo.com and request the same.
    We shall provide you our details and you can then make the payment.

  • From when the package shall commence?

    The day when you buy a package, it shall be started from the next day and shall end after 30 days from that date.

  • Can the buyer request the timing of boost?

    Yes of course, we as Inyourgram tries our best to deliver these services in a manner that it fulfills the requirement of the buyer. So, in case you wish that the likes, comments etc. should be delivered after sometime of the post, I.e. not delivered instantly just write an email to us and we shall take care of this part.

  • Are these Random Comments?

    We try to provide the comments as per the posts you make , however at times it shall be common comments but those shall also fit the post.

  • Can the comments be customized?

    Absolutely YES and that too FREE OF COST. Yes, you read it right! If you want customized comments, simply write us an email that you require customized comments, so every time you make a post just send us the comments you want us to put on that post either on Skype: Inyourgram or through Mail and we shall do the same. But provide us this instruction at the beginning of the package. If in case you have opted for this option and then you fail to provide the customized comments we shall not put any from our side and shall wait for you to send us the same.

  • Do you deliver the likes, comments etc. in parts or in one go?

    We normally deliver these in one go or at times in two (depending on our systems). If you want these to be delivered in parts or as per your instructions ping us on skype or reach out to us through mail and we shall provide you with this thing as well. However, this shall be on the payment of a nominal fee which shall be decided after looking into your requirement.

  • Do you provide such packages for other Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. as well?

    Yes, we provide all social media marketing services. Facebook Marketing Services, Instagram marketing services, Twitter Marketing Services, YouTube Marketing Services, Soundcloud Marketing Services, LinkedIn Marketing Services, etc.
    If you want any such social media marketing service let us know your requirements through mail or on skype and we shall provide you with the best possible prices and a high-quality service.